ROBERT ARLT architect


In the fall of 2018, RAd studio led a graduate design studio through all phases of design of a single family residence capable of meeting the high performance energy standard of Passive House Institute United States (PHIUS). The project builds on the research developed in PH01.

The team completed a full construction document set, research and documentation, specifications, WUFI energy modeling, THERM modeling, as well as the graphic output presentation materials.

The narrow infill site sits between a traditional house to the north and PH01 to the south. Numerous studies in section, plan, and axon were completed to embed the activities of the house in its context as well as to ensure enough access to light and heat gains. Due to the narrowness of the lot and PH01 shading much of the narrow lot’s access to winter solar heat gains, numerous forms and layouts were tested with WUFI energy modeling outcomes. A dormer pops-up on the south, serving as an open lightwell in section for the stairway inside and providing enough heat gain to allow for PHIUS certification.

The additive front porch component borrows more from traditional houses in the neighborhood but is articulated as a cantilevering porte cochere lattice of steel and wood. Eaves extend for shading as well as to express the thick envelope detailed as a continuous shell wrapping the north, roof planes, and south wall with siding battens aligning with the standing seams of the roof.

West and east faces are detailed as stained marine grade plywood panels. The southeast corner continues the use of the panels to connect with the vertical form of the dormer and accommodate the porch roof.