ROBERT ARLT architect

Hyde Stadium Renovation

2018 AIASD Design Award - Merit

Located across the street from Capitol Lake and kitty-corner from the State Capitol, Hyde Stadium was built into a hillside sloping down to the Missouri River in 1935 as part of New Deal programs with the grandstand being built in 1940. Time and numerous alterations took its toll leaving buildings in dangerous states of ill-repair, dugouts constantly flooding, expansive walls of protective chain link fence blocked views, and numerous grade discrepancies and misaligned retaining walls.

The concept began with leveraging the topography to connect all components of the plan via a continuous walkway to provide accessibility and create a place for a stroll during a game. While the primary building is the new restrooms+concession+pressbox, considerable attention was given to detailing a new ticket entrance in exposed steel and stone, seating embankments, dugouts and restoring the grandstand.

The new building is sited to frame views of the capitol dome in the background from the outfield. New monumental signage is attached to the grandstand directed toward the new entry and capitol beyond. Material cues of the capitol building with its blackened bronze dome over limestone are utilized in a contemporary expression with an upper volume of vertical, blackbronze box-rib metal panels atop a volume of horizontally banded stone laid over insulated cast concrete walls.

Formal cues from the grandstand with its simple shed roof are used throughout the major built components. Durable concrete and galvanized structural metal, handrails, and mesh including the C-channel and bargrate cantilevered shade shelf running the length of the home press box windows.

*Work completed with another Architect